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Horsekeeping the HorseMAREship Way eBook

I haven't needed a veterinarian visit in over 9 years!!  What's my Secret??

eBook by Missy Wryn


I hear this all the time from regular visitors, clinic participants and followers “your horses are NEVER sick, what’s your secret?”  Dare I tempt fate with a statement like this?  Oh boy, well I figure it’s more important to share my horse care program risking criticism and industry snubbing in the hopes I resonate with a new horse owner who is confused and feeling overwhelmed, or a long time horse owner who is facing new issues of illness.  

The last time I had a vet out for one of my horses was over seven years ago.  So what are my secrets?  I've detailed all the scoop in this seven page PDF that you can download for only .99¢


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