All-In-One Bitless Bridle

All-In-One Bitless Bridle
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PREMIUM QUALITY All-In-One Training Halter Bitless Bridle is a training halter and BITLESS BRIDLE that includes a 12' lead rope with leather popper on the end.  Train/warm-up your horse, snap on your reins & RIDE  

Learn how to use and train your horse with the All-In-One Training Halter Bitless Bridle by watching the video playlist below.  


HAND TIED with a single piece of high-quality soft nylon rope using double overhand knots to create side-pull loops positioned above the corners of your horse's mouth for true bitless riding, finished with a Fiador knot attaching the eyelet loop of the lead rope.  NO Metal clasps to bang into your horse's chin, NO pinching straps under the chin, NO vice-grip poll action.  Your horse rewards itself by INSTANT release of pressure offering a deeper trusting relationship, one without pain, fear or dominance. 

As seen in the movie Brother Nature


What People are Saying

Hi Missy - I ordered your bitless bridle a few months ago and I have to say it has made such a difference in the bond that my horse and I have.  He is such a wonderful horse; best horse I've ever had and that includes many.  But now we are on a new trajectory!  We ride the trails galloping, cantering, trotting and sometimes we walk!  He does so well I really think he enjoys your bitless bridle more than ever!  I'm so glad I ran across your work.  Keep it going.  Thank you!"  Melinda G., Frederick, MD


"Your All-In-One halter bitless bridle is amazing. My horse loves it and I love it too. I do my groundwork, snap my reins on and I'm on the trail in 10 minutes. I can tell my horse is so much happier and is better behaved too. Thank you Missy" Sue, WI   


Jerry Rice of Colorado LOVES his All-In-One Bitless Bridle and rides both his horses with it!

Instructions are Online demonstrating a custom fit, & how to attach the lead rope safely to your saddle whether riding English or Western style.  Missy's Latigo String is recommended for English riders, and can be used on a Western saddle too (see Options below). 

Color: Black only

Add: Browband, Reins & Latigo String under OPTIONS below

Sizes Available: Standard Horse, Large Horse, Small Horse (Avg. Arab), Arab (Egyptian), Cob (Vanner, Fell Icelandic etc.), Draft (Clydesdale, Percheron etc.) - see OPTIONS below

Are you unsure the size your horse would wear?  Rule of thumb order the size your horse is currently wearing for a halter.  Still not sure Click Here for Sizing Chart.  If you are still unsure of the size send an inquiry to

*Returns or exchanges are NOT available for incorrect size.  Please NOTE that once you put an All-In-One on your horse it cannot be returned or exchanged so make sure you order the correct size.  The All-In-One is adjustable and includes instructions so you can custom fit for your horse.  

Download the All-In-One Bitless Bridle Instructions

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