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Dear Missy, THANK YOU! I've watched them all, Pat Parelli, Buck Branaman, Monty Roberts, Clint Anderson, the Dorrance brothers and many more with limited success. What was missing, as they all have the correct basic approach, was Me, my feminine, encouraging,"love on you" ME.  In trying to emulate the boys I was not being myself. Your style is more in line with "me." Mother, teacher, friend, encourager.  Not wimpy, but giving. I've wrangled teenagers, eagles, and even bears for a living. I speak dog, cat, hawk, kid, but I was not speaking horse very well.  The first day I used your approach my girl looked at me like, "Wow, how did you learn that?" and we are enjoying ourselves so much more.  So Thank You! Pamela S. NC

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"I developed Training the Whole Horse® on the foundation of DO NO HARM.  My methods and techniques demonstrate that horses do not need bits, spurs or devices for control, but are truly willing partners when given the opportunity while receiving loving herd leadership they genetically require".  Missy Wryn